Community Sunday

Taking church into the community

Community Sunday

On Sunday 2nd June we will not be meeting for our normal Sunday Service but instead will be taking church into the community and putting on events to show the love of Jesus to our city.

*Please note there will be no service at Jubilee and those not part of a Growth Group should sign up to be part of one of the events

EVENT A - Big Give Away

Location: Hull City Centre Time: 9am - 12pm

Activity: Giving away refreshments and gifts to those running the Hull 10k.

EVENT B - Prayer Walk & Picnic

Location: Avenues & Pearson Park Time: 10:15am @ Pond

Activities: Prayer Walk on Newland Ave, Princes Ave & Queens Rd. Followed by picnic & games in the park (11:30am).

EVENT C - Fun Day

Location: Orchard Park Health Centre Time: 9:30am - 2pm

Activities: Outreach doing practical tasks such as litter picking. Fun Day with activities for the whole family (11am - 1pm).

Got questions?

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