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Regions Beyond Global Offering 2019

On Sunday 17th and 24th November we will joining with churches throughout the world as we take up an offering towards the work of Regions Beyond. Over the last year we have God move in some incredible ways and been able to achieve so much with the money you gave. This November we get the chance to again give and see the nations reached with the gospel. Watch the video to find out more and use the details below to give now (please use RB Offering as a reference).

Account Name: Jubilee Church Hull

Account Number: 20263209

Sort Code: 60-83-01

An update from Steve

On Sunday, Steve shared an update about changes in the leadership team. Please find below a letter written to church members:

Dear Friends


Fourteen years ago, Jo and I moved to Hull with our son Caleb and a small team to plant Jubilee Church Hull. It was costly and sacrificial to again leave friends and a great church in Middlesbrough to move to a new city. However, from the very beginning we fell in love with the place and the people. We have loved all that God has done over the years. There has been much joy and times of difficulty however we have seen God’s faithfulness.

Our greatest delight is seeing people’s lives changed by Jesus and added to our church family. Our family is making more and more impact in our workplaces, communities and through the work done at Jubilee Central.


This year we expanded our leadership team which has helped strengthen the church and helped us to grow a stronger foundation for more growth. We have also benefited from being part of Regions Beyond as we have received support but also been given a bigger vision for the nations. The values and mission of Regions Beyond have helped us to see where God is leading us and the part we have to play. Part of role is helping influence other churches and we are now regularly visited by other church leaders asking for advice and support as we help them learn from our success and failures. This has also meant that we have had invitations to other places and despite the challenge of time and travel, we have been so excited to impact other places with what God has taught us in Jubilee.


Jo and I are still very committed to this city and Jubilee Church Hull. We are not planning on moving and I am not getting a new job. However, if we want to be what God has called us to be and to release potential roles and responsibilities, things do need to change.

As we all grow in our calling and gifting and seek to empower others, we have to make room.

Increasingly I know God is calling me to strengthen and support churches across this nation and beyond and need to be released more to do this. Also, Dan Fryer for the past year has led the leadership team and stepped up in his calling and gifting. With support and advice from friends in Regions Beyond we have felt God lead us to make a transition. Instead of myself leading the church from January, Dan will take this role officially. We are recognising God’s call on his life and mine.

What difference will this make? In one way make a huge difference. Dan will primarily focus on Jubilee and all that God had for the church here while I will be having a larger focus on the work of Regions Beyond across our nation. This means we can move forward at a faster pace into all that God has more us here at Jubilee. It means that as Jubilee we will make greater impact across the nations. However, it will also not make a huge difference. I will still remain an Elder and will still mentor and support Dan. I will still preach and serve in Jubilee-so you are not getting rid of me! I am so excited in this new season, or as God has prophetically in Regions Beyond told us a new era. In this new era God is doing some amazing things and preparing us for a coming revival.


If a team had not planted here in Hull thousands of lives would not have been affected with the gospel. There are villages, towns, cities and nations that need churches that will also bring God’s love and impact. We all have a part to play so let us all step into all that God has for us.


With love



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