If you have questions about life and faith then we run the Alpha Course.

Want to explore Christianity?

If you have questions about life and faith then we run the Alpha Course. The course is completely free of charge and is designed particularly for people who wouldn’t normally go to church but want to explore some of the bigger questions of life, such as whether God is real, why suffering exists, and what life is really all about.

Our Alpha course is a series of 10 evenings. Each evening consists of:

1. Meal – a chance to get to know others, relax and enjoy yourself

2. A talk – each evening there is a talk addressing a key issue relating to questions about life

3. Discussion – this is your chance to discuss what you’ve heard, share your views, and ask anything you like. No question is too simple or too aggressive!


Our next course launches on Wednesday 30th January and we would love for you to join us. To book please visit:

For more information pelase contact the church office on 01482 328196 or email

For more information on Alpha, or to find a course near you if you live too far from Hull to join ours, please visit

Got questions?

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"I am always welcomed with open arms & love. I feel really at home when I'm there, all the people I've met so far are really friendly, happy & helpful."

John Morgan