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Jubilee Life College

A place to learn, have fun and make friends

Jubilee Life College

Launched in September 2014, Jubilee Life College aims to help people gain confidence in themselves, through acquiring new skills, interacting socially, and attending regularly.

We run various courses each term and aim to improve future prospects for each student whether that is improving confidence, developing social skills or gaining qualifications. Our learners come from a variety of backgrounds and situations: long term unemployed, mental health issues, ex-offenders and/or learning difficulties or additional learning needs and those experiencing social exclusion.

The courses are run during the day and are FREE TO ATTEND. There are 3 terms of 10 weeks each term. The courses are usually from September-December; January-March and April-July.

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FREE Courses Running This Term

Learn New Crafts

Come and learn a new craft such as Modelling with air-dry clay - Plant holders & Tea Lights; Marbling - making books and paper crafts; Sewing - Needlebook & phone case; Print-makingPapier Mache bowls.  

These crafts will be an opportunity to meet other people, have fun being creative and will also help with english, maths, communication skills & problem solving. This will be a ten-week course based in the classroom.

Mental Health - Positive Living

“How are you doing? Honestly, how are you REALLY doing? We don't need to tell you the last 15 months plus have been tough for practically everyone in one way or another. Do you need to take some time to talk about what that's been like for you and how you are coping now?

This group can offer you a small, semi-structured group led by a professional counsellor, to think about how you have coped, what you've learnt and how you now move forward confidently. A six-week course, face-to-face, using a cognitive behavioural framework to understand and begin to manage our emotions and behaviours in a positive way."

ESOL Improve Your English

This is a beginners class for Pre-Entry and Entry Level 1 learners of English. These sessions will be classroom based, and will teach the four skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers all welcome.

Allotment Gardening

Gardening is beneficial in so many ways, you can gain skills and knowledge about all aspects of growing fruit and veg, as well as reduce stress levels and help with mental health. We are hoping to have some raised beds available for you to take ownership of for the growing season to grow what you would like. Dependent on what can be grown in the growing season so far. 

Courses running in North Hull



Craft Group

Starting 19th May (Wednesdays 10am - 12pm)

If you’re interested in getting creative or are just looking for an opportunity to get out and make some new friends then the North Hull Craft Group is for you. Come and join us and learn new skills or bring your own creations and show us how it’s done, all whilst having fun and getting to know new people.

Positive Living

Runs for 8 weeks starting 19th May (Wednesdays 1pm - 2pm)

This last year has been hard for all of us, and many people have been feeling increased isolation, loneliness and anxiety. In this open and friendly group, we will be going through a course put together by professional psychologists as we look at how we can best handle these feelings, build healthy habits into our lives, and ask some big questions concerning what life is all about.

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Students who have been attending the CAP and Positive Living courses had this to say:

"Coming here has helped me to reduce my alcohol intake and stay out of trouble because I have learned ways and techniques to help me with my issues. I get along with everyone, we all have a laugh and a joke and have the same problems in life and we support each other."


What our students say about the needlecraft course:

"It's relaxing, it's great socialising with lovely people, it's amazing how creative you can be in Needlecraft and the new skills you learn. I have learned how to make bunting for the first time."

Jo Walters

"I enjoy the fact there are different types of projects you can get involved in, I have met new people and made friends. I like how you can work individually and work on projects as a team."

Linda Craven

"Coming to Needlecraft has got me to pick up my knitting needles again after 29 years! What started out as a course to fill an afternoon has now become a full time hobby, and has been a catalyst and outlet for creativity that I have not had for a long time. The course is an oasis of relaxation and very therapeutic. It has helped me to create a little cottage industry, as I have been

able to sell some of my creations."

Neil Jackson